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The Institut national de la santé publique du Québec (National Institute of Public Healthcare of Québec) (INSPQ) presents summary of a book chapter written by the Chair. (October 2018)

Themes: Book Chapter

Last April, the launch of the Rapport québécois sur la violence et la santé (Québec report on violence and health) directed by the INSPQ, in which the Chair wrote a chapter devoted to mistreatment towards older adults, took place in Montréal.

With the goal to improve its distribution and to summarize its content, a summary has been produced for each of the report’s chapter. Regarding the chapter written by the Chair, the highlights  address the definition of mistreatment, the types and forms of mistreatment present in the Québec terminology, the potential consequences coming from such situations, as well as the prevention actions to deploy to counter the emergence of this social issue.

It is now possible to download the summary, the chapter or the complete Report on the INSPQ’s website. (French only)