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The first student of the Chair successfully defends her doctoral thesis in Gerontology! (March, 2018)

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Started in January 2012, Marie-Ève’s thesis focuses on the study of situations of mistreatment of older adults encountered by users’ committees (UCs) in the health and social services network. It aims to look at the types of mistreatment encountered and to provide a better understanding of how UCs deal with these situations.

More specifically, Marie-Eve’s thesis has three objectives:

  1. Make a descriptive and critical inventory of situations of mistreatment of older adults that are brought to the attention of UCs.
  2. Document each step of consideration of these situations, that is, until the committee stops its action.
  3. Set the scope and limit of UC actions and propose ways to improve them.

Three UCs were followed for one year, from April, 2014, to April, 2015, using different methods of data collection: 94 hours and 15 minutes were observed of committee meetings, 6 interviews with their presidents, 4 in-depth interviews of the work of the committees with their members and the documentation analysis, which made it possible to document their treatment of situations.

The PDF of Marie-Ève ​​Bédard’s thesis will soon be put online in the section: Essays, Master’s Theses and Theses of the Written Productions tab of our website. Stay tuned!

The whole team of the Chair congratulates her for her hard work and her accomplishment. We wish her a great career in research in the years to come!