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The Chair’s work in the area of older adult bullying gains momentum! (October 14, 2015)

Themes: Bullying

In the months that followed, we received numerous requests for presentations on the subject from regional coordinators and organizations in different regions. In all, we gave five presentations, and a sixth is scheduled to take place by the end of 2015. As a follow-up to our brief and to help bridge the gap of knowledge on the subject, we wrote an article entitled: L’intimidation envers les personnes aînées : un problème social connexe à la maltraitance? (Older adult bullying: a social problem related to mistreatment?), which will soon be published in a thematic issue on bullying in the Université Laval’s journal Service social.

In addition, in collaboration with the DIRA-Estrie, we applied for a grant for a new project. The project will focus on improving the awareness-raising practices of community organizations in regard to mistreatment and bullying, with the aim of helping older adults take the next step, and move from “realization” that there is a problem, to “reporting” a problem. We are still waiting for an answer from the granting agency.

Over the year, we realized that, although little has been written about the subject, older adult bullying is a serious concern in many environments. We thus decided to formalize the establishment of a new research project called Older Adult Bullying, funded by the Chair and supported by all of the steps previously carried out. Like the general public, we are eager to see the new action plan or new policy on bullying promised in 2014 by the government. We will then be able to better focus our research based on the orientations set out for older adults.