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The Chaire participated to the show Une pilule, une petite granule (A Pill, a Little Granule) on Télé-Québec on November 22

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This report addresses an original and unique intervention project originating from the Table de concertation Vivre et vieillir(Concertation Table Living and Ageing Together) in Rosemont , which is a collaboration between the community police of the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal (Montréal Police Department) (SPVM) and the Carrefour Montrose (Projet Soutien aux Victimes d’Abus – SAVA-Intervention) (Support to Abuse Victims Project) in situations of mistreatment towards older adults, that started in Rosemont, in Montréal, 5 years ago.

A police officer, a socio-community agent walks through the neighbourhood accompanied by a  neighbourhood worker specialised in intervention with older adults. They conduct at the same time a prevention and a follow up work  with older adults that were recently in contact with the police. In this report, the Chairholder presents the mistreatment phenomenon, its dynamics, its consequences. The report can be watch at the following address (French only):