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The Chair will participate to the symposium on the protection of vulnerable people of the Bar of Québec

Themes: Rights

The Bar of Québec organises the Colloque sur la protection des personnes vulnérables (Symposium on the Protection of Vulnerable People) (2014). The event will take place on January 31, 2014, in Montréal.

The symposium will address different themes about the protection of vulnerable people, such as acts that requires personal consent of the protected adults, the determination of the incapacity of the older adult, the total or partial incapacity and the impact of the Act Respecting End-of-Life Care.

The Chairholder will present, with Suzanne Philips-Nootens, a conference entitled La détermination de l’inaptitude de la personne âgée au carrefour des disciplines : le défi du respect de l’autonomie (The Determination of Incapacity of Older Adults at the Crossroads of Fields: the Challenge of Respecting Autonomy).

For more information about this symposium, visit the Bar of Québec’s website (French only):