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The Chair will participate to the Colloque International Parcours de vulnérabilité au grand âge : pratiques sociales et régulations juridiques (International Symposium Vulnerability Trajectories in Advanced Age)


This Symposium will take place on October 11 and 12 in Brest, Brittany. Marie Beaulieu will present a conference entitled: Parcours de vie et vulnérabilité à la maltraitance : données issues de l’étude pilote pancanadienne sur la maltraitance envers les personnes aînées (Life Trajectory and Vulnerability of Mistreatment: Data From the PanCanadian Pilot Study on Mistreatment of Older Adults).

“A part of individuals are experiencing the weakening of their ability to act when aging. The differences of situation are then pressing according to health conditions but also according to available resources in the individual and social environment.

Maintaining independence – in the sense of being able to decide for oneself – including contexts of strong dependence regarding the services of others, is the result of existing favorable social conditions. In other contexts, a qualified process brought about the terms of : fragility, dependence, vulnerability and exclusion establishes itself, suddenly or progressively.

The symposium brings an account of the aging processes which results from dynamics present within these actor configurations (individual, relatives, professionals). The work of sociologists, lawyers and political scientist about social practices and on the appropriation of legal arrangements will be presented.

This symposium has four goals:

–  Promote scientific exchanges between researchers whose work is about aging, life path and vulnerability, French or international.

–  Develop the existing collaborations between researchers and actors of public policies, health care professionals, of the medico-social service and law in the field of aging.

–  Make public the results of researches with the scientific community of lawyers and sociologists.

–  Find new research questions likely to mobilise the scientific community.

Scientific and organisation committee:

ARS-UBO (EA 3149) : F. Le Borgne-Uguen, scientific co-responsible,

H. Hudebine, S. Pennec, F. Douguet (UBS)

CRDP-UBO (EA 3881) : M. Rebourg, scientific co-responsible,

Y. Favier (Univ. Chambéry), D. Guérin-Seysen,

Chaire Lien social et santé (Social Link and Health Chair) – EHESP : B. Le Bihan, A. Campéon, C. Martin.

The organising teams are finalising a research entitled “Parcours de vulnérabilité au grand âge : le malade, l’usager, le majeur protégé ” (Vulnerability Trajectory in Advanced Age: the Sick, the User, the Protected Major), coordinated by the University of Brest. This research was funded by the Agence nationale de la recherche (National Research Agency) as part of the call for projects : “Les vulnérabilités : à l’articulation du sanitaire et du social ” (The Vulnerabilities: at the Articulation of Sanitary and Social). (Free translation)[1]


[1] This information comes entirely from the informative brochure of the symposium.