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The Chair welcomes Ritu Sharma, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of the Department of Psychology at the University of Delhi in India. (July, 2018)

Following a brief visit to the University of Sherbrooke campus and the departments of Social Work and Psychology, Ms. Sharma had the opportunity to learn about the Chair’s various research projects in progress. Marie Beaulieu was also able to learn more about the practice of Psychologists in the field of aging in India.

The two professors then discussed the different methods of prevention, identification and intervention in the area of ​mistreatment of older adults in their respective regions. Although the practices and resources of India and Quebec are very different, Ms. Sharma was very inspired by the different practice guides developed by the Chair. She hopes one day to have the opportunity to develop or adapt such tools as part of her own research.

Because of the richness of their discussions, the two women hope to have other opportunities to exchange in the near future.