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The Chair welcomes new students. (September 2018)

Themes: Students

New graduate students join the Chair.

Master of Social work

  • Anabelle Rondeau-Leclaire is currently doing her master’s degree in social work with the profile Internship and Essay under the direction of Marie Beaulieu. She is particularly interested in  “feminine aging ” and group intervention with this population.
  • Camille Allard-Lachapelle is starting an internship aiming to create intergenerational bridges with LGBTQ+ people. Directed by Marie Beaulieu, Camille’s essay will have a subject in the same vein as her internship.

Master of Gerontology

  • Master’s student of gerontology, Luz Angela Ortiz Lemos deepens the theme of help seeking in situations of mistreatment and intimidation among older adults from Spanish-speaking communities of Sherbrooke.

Master in Law

  • Master’s student in Law, Marie-Ève Nadeau wishes to explore in her essay part of the Act to combat maltreatment of seniors and other persons of full age in vulnerable situations (theme to be specified in the next weeks). Marie Beaulieu will co-direct Marie-Ève in collaboration with  Mister Robert Kouri, professor at the University of Sherbrooke’s Law Faculty.

Doctorate of Gerontology

  • Registered in cotutelle for a doctorate in sociology of the University Le Havre Normandie and for a doctorate in gerontology of the University of Sherbrooke, Florence Bourgès continues her doctoral schooling with the goal of doing her thesis under the co-direction of Marie Beaulieu and professor Daniel Réguer. Its subject follows her professional expertise, which is the role of volunteers in countering mistreatment.