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The Chair was present at the day of consultation about domestic violence which took place on April 12, 2018. (April 2018)

In 2017, the government of Québec prolonged the Government action plan on domestic violence 2012-2017. This allowed to proceed to a series of consultations with the goal of guiding the creation of the next action plan.

The Chair joined a hundred participants bringing together practitioners of para-public, community and research sectors who took part to the consultation that took place April 12. Four great themes guided the discussions during these days :

  • Prevention, awareness and information;
  • Detection and psychosocial intervention;
  • Police, judicial and correctional intervention;
  • Share expertise and develop knowledge.

The Chair has brought the perspective of domestic violence among older adults and brought out links and distinctions with mistreatment.

In the same direction to these consultations, the government launch a call for essays inviting interested organisations to share their guiding reflections about :

  1. The main issues on which the next action plan on domestic violence should focus on;
  2. The innovative solutions that could inspire the actions to establish to better resolve these issues.

The Chair’s essay will be available soon. Stay tuned!