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The Chair was present at an international symposium on mistreatment of older adults in Germany. (March, 2018)

The aim was to bring together researchers and policy planners on mistreatment of older adults in Germany and internationally recognized researchers for their expertise to inspire the direction of Germany’s research and public policy.

Five foreign researchers were invited to speak: Michael Ganner from the University of Innsbruck (Australia) and Maria Isolina Dabove from the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina) discussed legal responses to elder abuse. Marie Beaulieu from the University of Sherbrooke (Canada) and Joy Swanson Ernst from Wayne State University (United States) discussed the protection concepts against abuse in old age. Karen Stein of the University of Delaware (USA) gave an overview of the state of research in the field.

More specifically, Professor Beaulieu, drawing on Quebec’s experience, explained the importance of the linking public policies, organizations and the delivery of services, the recognition of the opinions of older adults’ associations and research. She presented, among other things, the Governmental Action Plan to Counter Elder Mistreatment and the Concerted Action Plan to Prevent and Counter Bullying, as well as the Terminology adopted in Quebec.