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The Chair took part in the annual meeting of local committees from the Estrie region to counter mistreatment of older adults


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From left to right:

Danielle Lamontagne, Isabelle Gendron, Benoît Harvey, Marylène Croteau, Anne Caron, Lucie-Caroline Bergeron, Nicole Lévêque, Paul Martel.


This meeting was intended to ensure that the members of the committees share and experiment between them the various awareness tools that they have developed in order to prevent the problem of mistreatment of older adults. The members who attended this meeting allowed Luisa Diaz, a student of the Research Chair, to be part of this meeting and to learn about awareness and prevention tools used throughout the Estrie region.


Several conclusions may be drawn from this meeting. Members believe that adding a touch of humour to awareness tools is an excellent way to play down mistreatment situations and eliminate taboos. This is an opportunity to deal with this issue from a different perspective, in a lighter way. Despite the humorous style, the use of these tools provides people with food for thought. Their tangible and experiential nature makes it easier for people to remember the dissemination of important information. It is important to make people understand that despite the great difficulties encountered in mistreatment situations, there are possible solutions to find a way out. Since these tools are usually used in a group context, they help promoting the integration and the social participation of older adults in their community, while restoring their power to act in situations of mistreatment. The meeting allowed the members to get familiar with other tools available for them in order to raise awareness among the senior population, a better understanding of their partners’ awareness approach and take a critical look on their own tools. Click here to see a brief overview of the eight tools that were presented at the meeting.

The majority of the members who were attending the annual meeting of the local committees also sit on the Senior Round Table to counter mistreatment of older adults for the Estrie region. Established in 1990, stakeholders who sit on this round table have been actively working to counter mistreatment for almost 25 years. They invite you to browse the website of the Round Table in order to learn more about their mission, the members and the Local Tables, the actions undertaken, as well as for having a lot of information on mistreatment of older adults and the available resources. (

The Chair would like to sincerely thank each of the members of the local committees who attended this meeting for having made it possible to participate in this meeting and to witness this close collaboration between each of them.


*RCM = Regional County Municipalities