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The Chair submitted a brief to the Government of Québec for the drafting of the next Governmental Action Plan to Counter Mistreatment of Older Adults 2017-2022. (July 8, 2016)

Themes: Public Policies


In the preparatory document that was submitted for this consultation, the Ministry asked the actors to position themselves on four topics: 1) Reach out for older adults from all environments (home, private residences; institutions [intermediate resource, family-oriented resource, residential and long-term care centre facilities]; 2) Foster a good treatment culture with older adults; 3) Strengthen actions to countering financial and material mistreatment of older adults; 4) Meet the needs of each and everyone in a social diversity context and plurality of older adult models (First Nations, ethnocultural communities, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community [LGBT], and older adults with disabilities. The Ministry also added a free fifth topic where actors could address any other relevant issues that were not covered by the previous topics.

The Chair was invited to express its opinion by submitting its brief to the government in May 2016. Since it is not a call for public submissions, the government will not make available the briefs received. However, we decided to make our own brief available on the Chair’s website in the section Written Productions Research reports or reports produced for the government. You can also see the brief by clicking on this link (available in French only).

Enjoy the reading!