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The Chair regularly participates to the radio show Des aînés et des droits (Older Adults and Rights)

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In each show, the hosts converse with experts on the chosen theme, the Research Chair on Mistreatment of Older Adults is regularly part of those experts. Marie Beaulieu, Chairholder, was interviewed by Québec’s team as part of the show with the theme Après la maltraitance (After Mistreatment), which will air during the month of March. With different experts, the show’s hosts will address the psychological aftermaths of mistreatment, the possible or wished recourses, the difficulty to break family ties and a refuge for mistreated older adults.

Des aînés et des droits (Older Adults and Rights) also addresses important events such as symposiums. They were present during the Sommet des aînés (Older Adults’ Summit) of the Congrès mondial acadien 2014 (2014 World Acadian Congress) in New-Brunswick (see the news on the subject) and during the symposium Ensemble pour assurer les droits, la sécurité et la dignité des aînés!(Together to Ensure the Rights, the Security and the Dignity of Older Adults in Saskatoon) (see the news on the subject); event in which the Chair also participated and accepted to participate to the show.

Partner with the Fédération des aînés francophones du Canada (French-Speaking Older Adults’ Federation of Canada)(FAFC), Des aînés et des droits (Older Adults and Rights) airs in multiple cities across Canada. It is possible to listen or re-listen to the show by consulting the show’s website: (French only) or through the following radio partners:

CIBL 101,5 (FM) Montréal – Sunday from 11h to noon

CKRL 89,1 (FM)  Québec – Monday from 9h to 10h

Des aînés et des droits (Older Adults and Rights) greatly contributes to the wellness of the older population with the diversity of subjects addressed and the quality of the approach used. Unfortunately, the funding of this project will end in April 2015. We strongly hope that it will continue to exist in another form. What is certain is that the Chair greatly appreciated each of its collaboration with the show.