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The Chair receives a grant to carry out work in collaboration with the WHO. (February 2018)

It is in this context that the Chair was asked in November, 2017, by the WHO to conduct a survey of scoping review literature on the subject of the mistreatment of older adults specifically in relation to the Western Pacific Region. The grant awarded in December, 2017, allowed staff to be hired to carry out the research.

The project aims to identify the relevant literature published over the last 10 years on various aspects of mistreatment of older adults within countries of the Western Pacific Region. Here are the themes chosen:

  • The state of knowledge of mistreatment of older adults (prevalence, risk factors, etc.).
  • Existing prevention and detection practices and validated interventions.
  • Recommendations for policy makers in the Western Pacific Region regarding this knowledge.

At the end of this four-month project, a research report summarizing and analyzing the results will be submitted to the WHO.

The results of this work will enrich the Chair‘s own work, especially those on the International Scientific Watch.