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The Chair received a mandate to undertake efforts to counter the social isolation of LGBTQ older adults throughout Canada. (May 24, 2017)

Themes: LGBTQ
  • Aboriginal older adults;
  • Older immigrants or refugees who are newly arrived;
  • LGBTQ older adults (lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders and transsexuals, queers).

The Chairholder, Marie Beaulieu, was one of the selected experts to work with LGBTQ older adults. On March 10, 2017, the University of Sherbrooke (the umbrella organization for the Chair) and the SPPS-ESDC reached an agreement which included the nature and scope of the work, deadlines and expected deliverables.

The Committee of Senior Officials responsible for seniors (federal, provincial and territorial ministers) has set up a working group on social isolation. The group will work closely with Marie Beaulieu. ” This collaboration will focus on making the necessary changes to the toolkit to make it more relevant and maximize its use among LGBTQ seniors ” [Free translation]. Under the direction of Marie Beaulieu, the Chair‘s Coordinator, Roxane Leboeuf and the Research Professional, Marie-Ève Manseau-Young are contributing to the progress of the work.

By the end of the mandate in late July, the team will have achieved different steps:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of Social Isolation of  Seniors Toolkit with LGBTQ older adults;
  • Make changes or addenda to the toolkit;
  • Animate a workshop with participants who represent the interests of the target population so as to ensure the changes made to the tool are relevant;
  • Submit recommendations on distribution strategies.