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The Chair publishes two articles in the journal Vie et Vieillissement. (February 2018)

The first article discusses cyberbullying among older adults. It was written by Marika Lussier-Therrien, who completed her Master’s degree in Social Work while working with the Chair on this issue, as well as by Marie Beaulieu, Chairholder. Briefly, this article builds on Marika’s final essay to provide an overview of the state of knowledge about cyberbullying among older adults. The authors also discuss the areas of intervention and strategies in countering cyberbullying.

The second article is based on a secondary analysis of data from the ABAM-FM project (Volunteering to Counter Material or Financial Mistreatment of Older Adults) to discuss the links between mistreatment of older adults, social isolation, and life in rural areas. For the purpose of this article, the ABAM-FM project team first discusses the main challenges and strategies for addressing mistreatment related to the social isolation of older adults in rural areas. Then, the article proposes a reflection on the contributions of community organizations and volunteerism in rural areas to counter social isolation, as well as its effects is countering mistreatment of older adults.

Visit the AQG Vie et Vieillissement website to access the content of the articles (In French only).