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The Chair publishes three new articles. (July 24, 2017)

 Through the consultation of over 4,000 articles on the subject, it was discovered that there is a clear lack of evidence-based interventions to address the issue. The authors thus support the importance of undertaking additional work to improve the quality of the studies performed. As such, efforts should be made to identify standardised tools in order to improve the methodological rigor and thus improve the researchers’ evaluation strategies.

The second article, written by Caroline Pelletier and Marie Beaulieu, was published in the Polish Social Gerontology Journal. It is entitled Social work with older adults and their families in Quebec (Canada). Quebec, like other Canadian provinces, will inevitably have to respond to the challenges and barriers of an aging population. The purpose of this article is to describe the practice of social work in the gerontological milieu both in non-profit organisations and the public sector. Furthermore, this article aims to highlight the challenges and barriers of this evolving professional practice.

The researchers emphasise the importance of integrating mandatory gerontology courses into the university social work program and that social workers can benefit from continuing education to improve their knowledge and professional skills. Moreover, the authors support the need for intersectoral and inter-professional collaborations to be developed in the practice of social work.

In the article, Elder abuse: The role of doctors, published in the journal MedicSA, the authors, Marie Beaulieu and Luisa Diaz, highlight the knowledge physicians should have about the mistreatment of older adults and how it should be detected. The EASI tool which was developed by Mark Yaffe MD., from Montreal, consists of a questionnaire of six questions and is suggested to practitioners in order to facilitate the identification of mistreatment among their patients. The various types are also defined and clues that can aid with detection are listed in the article.