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The Chair publishes in the journal “Vie et vieillissement” and in the magazine “Intervention.” (May, 2018)

The article in Intervention was written by Fiona Neesham-Grenon, Caroline Pelletier and Marie Beaulieu. Based on data from Fiona’s master’s thesis on social work, the article discusses self-neglect among older adults. More specifically, the authors delineate the challenges and identify possible avenues for intervention by social workers working with older adults in situations of self-neglect.

(Neesham-Grenon, F., Pelletier, C. & Beaulieu, M. (2018). L’autonégligence des personnes aînées : un problème social complexe qui pose de multiples défis pour l’intervention. Intervention, 147, 59-71.)

The article in Vie et vieillissement was written by Audrey Allard and Marie Beaulieu. It addresses the adaptation of the tool In Hand, developed by the Chair, to the practice of the Walloon organization Respect Seniors (Belgium). More specifically, it presents the results of Audrey’s internship and Master’s degree in Social Work, which aimed to evaluate the effects of this tool on the practice of the organization’s intervention workers.

(Allard, A. et Beaulieu, M. (2018). Lutte contre la maltraitance envers les aînés : Quand la Wallonie et le Québec partagent leurs savoirs. Vie et vieillissement, 15(2), 38-45)