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The Chair publishes an article on the creation and use of practice guides in the journal Intervention published by the OTSTCFQ (January 2018)

Both authors argue that Social Workers would benefit from creating or using practice guides to support their interventions. Based on evidence, these tools support professionals in their decision-making without proposing a rigid intervention protocol. The article presents “[…] the innovative approach to the creation and use of social services practice guidelines, illustrating it through the experience of creating a practice guide applied to the intervention in the context of self-neglect among older adults” (loose translation) (Calvé and Beaulieu, 2017, p.53).

For more information, please consult Jessica Calvé’s Master’s final essay.


Article reference:

Calvé, J., et Beaulieu, M. (2017). La création et l’utilisation de guides de pratique en travail social : illustration d’une pratique en contexte d’autonégligence. Intervention, 146, 53-63.