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The Chair publishes a new article in the Journal Vie et Vieillissement (Life and Ageing)!

The title of the article is Quand l’âgisme mène à considérer toutes les personnes aînées comme étant vulnérables et sujettes à la maltraitance (When Ageism Leads to Consider Every Older Adults as Vulnerable and Prone to Mistreatment) and is published by Marie Beaulieu and Marie Crevier, Ph. D. candidate in gerontology of the Chair.

The article “is comprised of five parts. After the introduction, it starts with a brief reminder of the mistreatment towards older adults issue. Then, the concept of vulnerability is set and defined, by introducing an important difference, which is the difference between vulnerability seen as a determined state and the process of vulnerability that can appear and fluctuate during the course of life. Finally, the fourth part, which is the core of the text, addresses the issues linked to the association between ageism, vulnerability and mistreatment. The conclusion open the way to change” (Beaulieu et Crevier, 2013, p.6) (Free translation).