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The Chair published an article on the conceptual clarification of bullying in the Service Social journal from Laval University (July 8, 2016)

Following the consulting work on bullying in 2014, the Chair participated in the Anti-Bullying Forum led by Premier Couillard. We also submitted a brief on older adult bullying (in French only). The purpose of this brief was to map out the state of current knowledge on the issue, explore prevention and intervention issues, as well as supporting actors, and to share our recommendations. One of the main observations from this brief was the importance of clarifying the distinctive and common sides regarding situations of mistreatment and bullying towards older adults.

We responded to this call for papers from Service Social journal by proposing an article aiming at deepening the conceptual clarification of bullying and mistreatment that was previously initiated in our brief. This clarification is supported by a summary table allowing the reader to identify unique and common elements of each issue. Three actual situations were presented to illustrate our explanations. After this article, we propose a definition of bullying specific to the reality of older adults, as well as mapping the issue. The article L’intimidation envers les personnes aînées : un problème social connexe à la maltraitance ? (Older Adult Bullying: A Social Issue Related to Mistreatment?) (in French only) can be viewed through the Érudit data bank.

Enjoy the reading!