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The Chair participates to the governmental work on bullying

Themes: Bullying

Organised at the request of Mr. Couillard, leader of the liberal party and Prime Minister of Québec, the forum on bullying, which will take place in Québec city on October 2, 2014, will bring together different partners active in countering bullying. To prepare for the holding of the forum, the Ministry of The Family asked the Chair to generate discussion by giving it information about bullying towards older adults, as well as the links that can be made with mistreatment.

Even though these two concepts can be linked, they refer to different issues which, in certain cases, can occur in conjunction.

To further explore the subject, the Chair realised a review of the literature of which the results will be presented during a meeting with the Minister responsible for older adults, Madame Charbonneau and her non-governmental partners which will take place on September 18.