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The Chair participated on March 27 to the Regional symposium to counter mistreatment towards older adults in the region of Mauricie and the Centre-du-Québec

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In May of 2012, the region of Mauricie and Centre du Québec adopted the very first Plan d’action régional pour contrer la maltraitance envers les personnes aînées 2012-2015 (Regional Action Plan to counter mistreatment of older adults 2012-2015). This plan is the regional basis where are all the prevention, identification, intervention and concertation actions come from. On March 27 of 2014, the Agence de la santé et des services sociaux de la Mauricie et du Centre-du-Québec and its partners invited us to the very first regional symposium “La maltraitance envers les aînés : vers une action concertée en Mauricie et au Centre-du-Québec” (Mistreatment of Older Adults: towards a concerted action in Mauricie and in Centre-du-Québec).

This unique event was an important occasion to take stock on countering mistreatment. It allowed to highlight and to exchange on the best practices and the innovative initiatives that come from here and elsewhere in Québec.

Marie Beaulieu, Chairholder, did the opening conference entitled : “La collaboration intersectorielle : un gage de succès dans la lutte contre la maltraitance envers les personnes aînées ” (The Intersectoral Collaboration: a Promise of Success in Countering Mistreatment of Older Adults).