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The Chair participated in the Forum sur la formation policière (Forum on police training) organized by the École nationale de Police (Quebec Police College) on January 5.

Themes: Training

This workshop was addressed to both police officers and police trainers and has generated several reflections especially on how tenacious stereotypes towards older people can be among young police officers during their training courses at the Cegep and then at the police college as well as the difficulties for trainers to counter them. A concern raised during this workshop was the lack of content with regard to aging and mistreatment in the curriculum of police training. Until now, little training had been provided to police officers on these issues. This new interest derives in particular from the populational aging which engendered an increase of police interventions with older people in general, but specifically in situations of mistreatment.

We hope that in the future, police officers will benefit from other training sessions on aging and mistreatment. The Chair will be more than happy to participate once again!