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The Chair participate to a work seminar given by Dr. Serge Zumbach. (October 2018)

Themes: Seminars

As part of the quarterly team meeting of the Chair, Doctor Serge Zumbach offered, last October 9, a seminar usually given to students from the University of Fribourg (Suisse)’s medicine department.

Entitled Maltraitance chez la personne âgée dans la notion de soin (Mistreatment of older adult in the concept of care), this work seminar proposes an overview on mistreatment within institutions offering health care to older adults. It addressed the conceptual difference between “abuse” and the “violence” committed to a person no matter their age, data on mistreatment towards older adults in healthcare settings in France (types of violence, the abuse sources in institution, the profile of mistreated older adults, etc.) and a presentation of environmental elements that must be considered as hints of mistreatment specific to healthcare settings.

The work seminar finished on a touching reflection about ethics and violence.

The Research Chair‘s team wished to thank mister Zumbach for kindly sharing this seminar.