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The Chair obtains, as a Co-researcher, a new research grant to explore the little known theme of violence between residents in residence

The research project is entitled Développer un agenda de recherche sur la maltraitance commise entre résidents (Development of a Research Agenda on Mistreatment Perpetrated Between Residents).

This research project under the direction of Lynn McDonald of the University of Toronto is funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). It has the goal of organising a thematic symposium on invitation (experts forum type) to develop the knowledge on an emergent issue, which is mistreatment committed in residence between residents.

Mistreatment between residents is a little documented issue which as important implications for the health and wellness of residents living in long-term facility care.

This event will bring together experts in the research of mistreatment between residents, such as participants working in research, in intervention as well as community partners, to exchange and mobilise knowledge in this field. The results of this meeting will lead to official partnerships between researchers and practitioners linked to the priorities and methodology to favor in the elaboration of a grant request relating to this worrying issue.

The proposed meeting is important, because it will be the first endeavour aiming specifically on the issue in long-term care facilities in Canada.