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The Chair is part of the working committee led by the CSSS Cavendish for the adaptation of It’s Not Right

It is intended to people (neighbours, friends, relatives) who can potentially witness situations where seniors can be mistreated or at risk. It also aims at raising awareness as well as giving them the necessary tools, so that they can help them to confidently take the first step.

The program contains a series of training courses supported by PowerPoint, ten videos and brochures, some of which were translated in French. This is very interesting, because the training method and the information given are simple, clear and user-friendly. It can be used in different contexts and with different clienteles because of the variety of videos offered.

The validity of this training program is already recognized in English Canada, so it is more than relevant to promote its adaptation in Quebec and in francophone communities across Canada. The CSSS Cavendish has been given the responsibility to bring this project to fruition for this year. Steps were taken in January 2015 and will end in June 2015. In order to support the CSSS Cavendish, several partners such as practitioners from the CSSS, professionals from the EAHL (Elder Abuse Help Line), regional coordinators, representatives from the Seniors’ Secretariat, members from the Research Chair on Mistreatment of Older Adults and several others were asked to participate. The goal of the working committee is to adapt the training program so that it reflects the reality and the needs of francophone communities in terms of content and dissemination strategies. A new video dealing with older adult bullying will be also added to the training program.

The Chair, who will be involved throughout the process, believes in the potential of this training program and hope that appropriate funding will be allocated in order to promote maximum dissemination. For more information concerning the It’s Not Right initial training program, you can visit the website: