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The Chair is actively involved in the Review Committee on Terminology to Counter Mistreatment of Older Adults. (August 6, 2015)

the Chair, as well as two regional coordinators, Paul Martel (Estrie region) and Robert Simard (Quebec City area).The work of this committee is based on the observation of the plurality of terminologies currently used and, five years after the implementation of the Government Action Plan to Counter Elder Abuse 2010-2015 (PAM), the importance of harmonizing our vocabulary for actors in the field, in research and public policy in order for all of us to speak with one voice.

With the extension of the current PAM through the Aging and Living Together Policy (VVE), the Committee aims at improving and clarifying the terminology regarding mistreatment of older adults so that it may achieve consensus and represent the evolution of knowledge and practices over the past five years. The mandate of the participating members is to distinguish forms of mistreatment (violence and neglect), types of mistreatment (physical, psychological, sexual, material or financial, institutional, violation of rights and ageism), to clarify definitions and give more concrete examples and evidence for each type, as well as defining more clearly the notion of intent or non-intent of the perpetrator of mistreatment.

A summary document will be produced at the end of this work. It will serve as an awareness and training tool for the various practitioners involved in countering mistreatment of older adults.

The next meeting of the committee will take place in the upcoming weeks. In the fall, a seminar summarizing the various steps achieved by the committee will be put online on the Chair’s website. Stay tuned!