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The Chair, in partnership with DIRA-Estrie, secured a grant from the Quebec Age-Friendly Program (QADA) in order to initiate a research project on reporting situations of mistreatment and older adult bullying. (January 7, 2016)

The project’s title is: La maltraitance et l’intimidation envers les personnes aînées : Bonifier la pratique de sensibilisation des organismes communautaires favorisant le passage de la prise de conscience au signalement (Mistreatment and older adult bullying: Enhancing awareness practices of community-based organizations promoting the transition from awareness to reporting).

This project stems from the knowledge learned during the 20 years of awareness practices promoted by DIRA-ESTRIE’s practitioners and volunteers. Over the years, they found out that the activities that were carried out led several older adults to realize that they were bullied or mistreated, but despite compassionate listening, few of them wish to go a step further when it comes to reporting and seeking assistance.This three-year project therefore aims at improving and developing the awareness practices of volunteers and practitioners from community-based organizations involved in countering mistreatment by providing them with a practical guide to allow older adults to be more inclined to move from awareness to reporting mistreatment and bullying. The Chair and DIRA-Estrie received a QADA grant of $300 000 in order to achieve these objectives.             

A more detailed fact sheet of this project will be online shortly on the Chair’s website, in the Current Activities tab and then click on Current Research Projects and finally click on the Funded Research Projects tab. Visit our website regularly!