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The Chair held, on March 11, a meeting of its annual steering committee

Themes: Annual Report

On March 11 took place, like each year, a meeting of the Chair’s steering committee.

The committee is composed of:

Marie Beaulieu, Chairholder;

Mark Yaffe, professor at the Department of Family Medicine, Mcgill University and St.Mary’s Hospital Center, as an expert;

Nicolas Berg, Centre hospitalier la Citadelle de Liège, president of Respect Seniors, as an expert;

Catherine Ferembach, assistant deputy minister, Seniors’ Secretariat, Ministry of Health and Social Services;

Thérèse Audet, vice-dean of research, Faculty of Arts and Human Sciences, University of Sherbrooke;

Brigitte Leduc, adviser to research Chairs, University of Sherbrooke, as a representative of the research vice-rector;

Johannie Bergeron Patenaude, coordinator of the Chair.

This annual meeting is the perfect place to take stock of this year and to plan what is coming in the next year. The members were invited to give feedback on the quality of the Chair’s 3rd year report. All members were, again this year, very satisfied by the thoroughness of the report and everyone wanted to congratulate Marie Beaulieu for the quality of her work.

Here is a preview of the highlights of the year 2012-2013 :

Appointment as a member of the National Seniors Council, mandate of 2 years

Recipient of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognizing the work done for the well-being of older adults in Canada

33 research projects in progress (25 under the direction of the Chairholder and 8 under the direction of students)

Among the 25 projects leaded by the Chairholder,

  •  5 completed (3 in year 3 of the Chair) which is still the subject of knowledge transfer
  • 5 new grants
  • 3 research projects submitted to funding agencies, still waiting for an answer (2 as principal researcher)

11 bachelor’s degree, masters or doctorate students directed in the Chair (5 new and 3 that finish their worked this year) 1 new student with a scholarship from the FQRSC

Interview given as part of the show, Les années-lumière (The Light Years) of Radio- Canada, a show considered as a top place for the popularization of science

Continued enrichment of the website (great interviews, scientific watch, activities in progress, regular updates of the news)

Realisation of 3 other great interviews

37 publications and 57 communications

Organisation of 3 scientific seminars within the Chair

Organisation of 4  national or international symposiums

Consolidation of the missions (exchanges) with Respect Seniors, l’agence Wallonne de lutte à la maltraitance (The Walloon Agency to Counter Mistreatment) (Belgium)

Star of a more sustained collaboration with the gerontology  program of the University of Sao Paulo

Multiple realisations with colleagues of the University of Laval on the subject of countering financial exploitation

Invitation as a expert-adviser in a case of financial exploitation (trial in progress)

Multiple international collaborations

Great synergy of the Chair’s work with other measure of the Plan d’action gouvernemental pour contrer la maltraitance envers les personnes aînées 2010-2015 (Governmental Action Plan to Counter Mistreatment of Older Adults 2010-2015).