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The Chair has published two articles in the Vie et vieillissement journal.

The first one deals with the new challenges of psychosocial and gerontological interventions with homeless, mistreated and self-neglected seniors. The second stems from the first analysis of the results from the survey conducted with the Montreal police officers in the framework of the IPAM project (police intervention countering mistreatment of older adults: developing and implementing of a practice model). Here are the two complete references of these articles:

Pelletier, C., & Beaulieu, M. (2015). Personnes aînées itinérantes, maltraitées ou autonégligentes : nouveaux défis pour l’intervention psychosociale gérontologique. Vie et vieillissement, 12(3), 11-17.

Beaulieu, M., D’Amours, M., Côté, M., & Loock, J. (2015). Les policiers en relation avec les aînés maltraités : résultats d’un sondage auprès des policiers montréalais. Vie et vieillissement, 12(3), 19-25.

Moreover, Marie Beaulieu wrote an article expressing her appreciation of the book Les forces de l’âge by Michel Coulombe with pictures taken by Véro Boncompagni. To see the content of this Vie et vieillissement number or to subscribe to the journal, please click on the following link: 

The Chair wishes you a good reading!