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The Chair has published five papers over the last four months! (May 24, 2017)

Article: L’agression sexuelle envers les aînées : un problème social en mal de reconnaissance

(Sexual Assault Against Older Adults: An Unrecognised Social Problem)

At the end of 2016, Marie Beaulieu and Marika Lussier-Therrien, who holds a master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Sherbrooke and former student at the Chair, published an article in the Recherches féministes journal.

The authors present the current knowledge of sexual assault against older adults and underline the practices adopted with regards to this social issue. The article ends with a “reflection of the importance of pursuing collective knowledge on the subject and the development of appropriate practices [Free translation of the French quote].”


Brief:  Brief on Bill 115. An Act to Combat Maltreatment of Seniors and Other Persons of Full Age in Vulnerable Situations

The Chair presented its brief on January 20, 2017, to the Committee on Citizen Relations during special and public consultations on Bill 115.

In its brief, the Chair welcomes Bill 115 while underlying the importance that “the government take a step further in order to provide a better state  response to mistreatment of older adults [Free translation of the French quote].”

There were three introductory remarks:

  1. We need a bill that would focus more on  strengthening existing mechanisms and on creating new ones.
  2. It is advised that the adopted approach not be one of mandatory reporting.
  3. This bill will only be effective if we continue to strengthen the other existing mechanisms.

The Chair acknowledges the positive impacts of such a bill. However, the Chair still questions missing or unclear elements. Initiatives are suggested by the Chair in order for this bill to be an effective tool to counter the mistreatment of older adults and of any other adult (over 18) in a vulnerable situation.

See the Chair’s brief for more information regarding its statement on this issue. (French only)


Chapter: Le bénévolat : clé d’accès au droit et à la justice pour les personnes aînées vulnérables?

(Is Volunteering the Key to accessing Rights and Justice for Vulnerable Older Adults?)

In February 2017, the Chair collaborated with several partners in order to publish a chapter on the key role played by volunteers to promote access to rights and justice for older adults. This chapter was published in Volume 424 of the book La protection des personnes vulnérables (Protection of Vulnerable People) by the Quebec Bar. This work was part of the Chair’s project: Volunteering to Counter Material or Financial Mistreatment of Older Adults (ABAM-MF).

The authors are:

  • Christine Morin, Lawyer and Full Professor at the Faculty of Law, Laval University and the Chairholder of the Antoine-Turmel Research Chair on the legal protection of older adults;
  • Marie Beaulieu, the Chairholder of the Research Chair on Mistreatment of Older Adults;
  • Sophie Éthier, Associate Professor at the School of Social Work, Laval University;
  • Andrée Sévigny, Associate Professor at the School of Social Work, Laval University;
  • Jessica Calvé, Research Professional for the Research Chair on Mistreatment of Older Adults;
  • Jordan Bédard-Lessard, student at the School of Social Work, University of Sherbrooke.

For this chapter, the authors were interested in the roles of non-profit organizations (NPOs) and volunteers working with mistreated older adults. They also wanted to emphasize the contribution of NPOs and volunteers for their relentless support in helping older adults get easier access to services regarding their rights and justice. The overall objective of the research was to better understand the efforts of NPOs, as well as the practices and issues related to volunteer action. Furthermore, the objective was to present “the best practices and to better equip NPOs and their members in their role [Free translation of the French quote].”


Chapter:  La place de la conciliation dans certaines matières non contentieuses : La justice participative et les personnes aînées (The Place of Mediation in Non-Contentious Issues: Participatory Justice and Older Adults).

The Chair also collaborated on the publication of a second chapter in Volume 424 of the book La protection des personnes vulnérables (Protection of Vulnerable People). This chapter was written by Ann Soden Ad. E., the Executive Director of the National Institute of Law, Policy and Aging, as well as the Elder Law Clinic, Marie Beaulieu, Chairholder, and Roxane Leboeuf, Chair Coordinator.

This chapter introduces solutions for developing law and implementing participatory justice. The approach regarding participatory justice is strongly advocated by the authors, especially for cases where clients have proved to be older adults in situations of vulnerability. The authors highlight the importance of interdisciplinary and intersectoral work in order to make legal actions more understandable, accessible and effective.

This analysis is a reexamination of all legal practices that are currently used to address issues experienced by older adults.


Chapter: Crime Prevention Over the Life Course: Elder Abuse

This chapter was published in the book titled Preventing Crime and Violence by Springer Publishers, under the direction of Brent Teasdale and Mindy S. Bradley. In this chapter, the authors Thomas Goergen PhD, Director of the Department of Criminology at the German Police University, and Marie Beaulieu PhD, promote a preventive approach to counter the mistreatment of older adults.

The co-researchers benefit from their respective fields of expertise to introduce concepts, approaches and theories stemming from criminology and social work.