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The Chair had the pleasure of welcoming Françoise Le Borgne-Uguen. (Septembre 15, 2016)

 In the morning of July 11, a working session was scheduled between Ms. Le Borgne-Uguen, Marie Beaulieu and Marie Crevier, who is a doctoral student in Gerontology. Also, with Yves Couturier, they co-lead Marie Crevier’s doctoral thesis (see Marie Crevier’s thesis project to learn more about her topic). The afternoon was spent discussing the Chair’s various types of work with Marie Beaulieu and Roxane Leboeuf, the Chair’s coordinator.

In the morning of July 13, a working seminar was held with all members of the Chair and some invited partners. This activity was focusing on a presentation made by Françoise Le Borgne-Uguen entitled: Les recours aux protections juridiques : des disjonctions de temporalité entre les vieilles personnes, leurs parents et les professionnels (When older adults, their parents and professionals have different views on time, on using legal protections). To learn more about this activity, please read the article posted on the Chair’s website in the section Activities and then Seminars.

It was a very enriching activity for everyone!