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The Chair gave a presentation at the symposium “Together to Ensure Rights, Security and Dignity of Seniors!” held in Saskatoon on February 21.

Key actors from across Canada were brought together to tackle the reality of Franco-Saskatchewanian seniors and raise their awareness of the importance of mistreatment and fraud. Among these actors were seniors, lawyers and various experts, including Marie Beaulieu, Chairholder of the Research Chair on Mistreatment of Older Adults.

The various components of the symposium included: restorative justice, legal realities, nursing homes, ways to counter fraud related to housing, as well as volunteer involvement. It is within the framework of the latter component that Marie Beaulieu gave a presentation entitled: Le bénévolat des aînés dans la lutte contre la maltraitance (Volunteering among seniors to counter mistreatment).

This symposium was a unique opportunity to exchange on best practices and on the development of new prospects regarding mistreatment of senior Francophones across Canada. This event was also a great opportunity for the visibility of the Chair, since Marie Beaulieu gave three interviews as the result of this symposium, including two for Radio-Canada (local and provincial), as well as for the radio show Des aînés et des droits (radio show advocating seniors’ rights).