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The Chair congratulates three students on winning grants for excellence. (November 2018)

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This grant is awarded to: “the student who has written the best essay, dissertation or thesis on the subject of an issue concerning older adults and their rights.”

Her research dissertation entitled “Non-profit Organizations Experience in Giving Support to Mistreated Older Adults” was co-directed by Marie Beaulieu (University of Sherbrooke) and Sophie Ethier (University of Laval).

This dissertation was written within the framework of the research project “Volunteering to Counter Material or Financial Mistreatment of Older Adults (ABAM-MF), led by the Research Chair on the Mistreatment of Older Adults.

For their part, Roxanne Leboeuf and Caroline Pelletier, both doctoral students in gerontology at the University of Sherbrooke and members of the Research Chair, obtained scholarships underlining the quality of their academic work.