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The Chair and Chartwell Retirement Residences obtain a partnership engage grant from the SSHRC to start a project about mistreatment between residents. (September 2018)

At the beginning of the month of September of 2018, the Chair and Chartwell Retirement Residences obtained a grant of $25 000 as part of the program Partnership Engage Grants of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) to start a research action-project together about mistreatment between older adults living in private residence.

For a duration of a year, the project entitled: Améliorer la vie collective en résidence privée pour aînés : établir les besoins en matière de lutte contre la maltraitance entre résidents et de promotion du « bien vivre ensemble » aims more specifically to :

  • Identify the manifestations and the representations of mistreatment between residents;
  • Identify the representations of “living nicely together” and the conditions to promote it;
  • Identify the residents, the employees and managers’ needs in regard to countering mistreatment and the promotion of “nicely living together”.

Feeling concerned by the quality of life and the customer’s experience of older adults living in its establishments, Chartwell is committed to support the project in cash and in kind for an estimated value of a bit more than $13 000. This contribution adds up to the obtained grant.

The results will allow to establish a common language regarding mistreatment between residents and “living together nicely” in private residence, as well as finding the needs regarding countering mistreatment between residents and the promotion of “living together nicely”  within these environments. This project is the first phase of a bigger project in which Chartwell and the Chair wishes to create a program aiming to promote “living together nicely” and countering mistreatment between residents in private residence.

The Chair is happy about this partnership since it will allow to lift the veil on an issue identified by a raising number of actors in practice environment, but not well documented to this day.