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The Chair adapted the detection toolbox for the IPAM project and submitted the version to the Ministry of Public Safety for distribution to all Quebec police services. (April 21, 2016)

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In order to achieve its commitment made in the Governmental Action Plan to Counter Elder Abuse, the Ministry of Public Safety (MPS) established a working committee in 2012. It was then decided to draft a police guideline specifically tailored to counter mistreatment of older adults. Various tools are also included in this guideline.The detection toolbox particularly caught the attention of the working committee. Therefore, they had the idea of adapting the version produced by the Chair and the City of Montreal Police Service (SPVM) in order to make this tool accessible for all Quebec police services.Marie Beaulieu, a member of this working committee since its creation, has led this project with Nathalie Lavoie, SPVM police officer and advisor. The final version of the adaptation of the detection toolbox was submitted to the MPS at the end of March 2016. This new tool will be distributed to all Quebec police services over the next few months.