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The assessment of the IPAM’s implementation of pilot project 1 almost completed. (December 18, 2015)

Since its implementation in July 2013, a practice pattern, developed as a result of 10 data collections on practices and needs, has been transformed into an operational model by an operational committee including SPVM’s various leaders.From May to October 2015, this model of operational practice was implemented as a pilot project in three local police stations (PDQs): 26, 42 and 44. During this same period, the Chair’s team has conducted an evaluation of its implementation through a mixed methodological quotation (quantitative and qualitative). Overall, 11 data collection activities were carried out and the team is currently working to complete the analysis of these data. The results obtained will enable the operational committee to make the necessary improvements to the model in order to propose a turn-key project to all SPVM’s local police stations. This project could also inspire other police services.

See the IPAM project page to stay informed on the progress of the work.