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The Advisory Committee to the Chair endorses the Activities and Budget Reports of Year 7 (2017–2018). (December 2018)

Themes: Annual Report

At this meeting, Marie Beaulieu, Ph.D., submitted the Annual Report of Year 7 (2017–2018) and presented in detail the activities undertaken according to the mandates of the Research Chair:

Mandate 1: Research:

  • Consists of overseeing research projects on the mistreatment of older adults based on two related topics or themes: intimidation and wellness care (well-treatment). These projects are by nature theoretical, empirical or practical (praxeological) or in some cases, evaluative. Also, these projects could deal with concepts necessary to understand certain phenomena (forms and types of mistreatment, intimidation or welfare, etc.), or look into players, dynamics, effects of these phenomena, interventions (prevention, detection, follow-up), risk and protection factors, etc.

Mandate 2: Outreach:

  • Consists of communicating (orally or in writing) acquired scientific knowledge from Quebec, Canadian and international research.

Mandate 3: Training:

  • Transmitting acquired knowledge through academic training (initial education at the three university cycles and college level) or training designed for practitioners.

Mandate 4: Knowledge Transfer:

  • Transferring acquired knowledge to government, public policy planners, practitioners, seniors’ associations, etc. Also included is giving timely notice concerning issues raised by the Secrétariat aux aînés (Seniors’ Secretariat); and, if requested, their mistreatment or any other related subject matter.


She also presented the orientation of upcoming activities in Year 8 (2018–2019).


The Chair is happy to announce that the committee concluded that the objectives of each mandate had been met and unanimously adopted the Planning Proposition of Year 8.


We would like to thank all the members of the Advisory Committee to the Chair for their involvement and their constructive feedback at this meeting:

External Members:

  • Christian Barrette, Sous-Ministre adjoint, Secrétariat aux aînés, ministère de la Famille, Gouvernement du Québec. (Assistant Deputy Minister, Seniors’ Secretariat, Ministry of Family, Quebec Government).
  • Nicolas Berg, MD, Gériatre, chef des services de gériatrie, Centre hospitalier régional de la Citadelle à Liège (Belgique) et président de Respect Seniors (Agence wallonne de lutte contre la maltraitance des personnes âgées) (Geriatrician, Head of the Department of Geriatrics, Citadelle de Liège Hospital (Belgium) and President of Respect Seniors (Walloon agency responsible for responding to mistreatment of older adults))
  • Mark Yaffe, MDCM, MCLSc, CCFP, FCFP, Chercheur et professeur, St. Mary’s Hospital Center, McGill University. (Researcher and professor, St. Mary’s Hospital Center, McGill University)


Internal Members:

  • Thérèse Audet, Vice-doyenne aux études supérieures, Faculté des lettres et des sciences humaines, Université de Sherbrooke. (Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research Professor, Faculty of Art and Humanities, University of Sherbrooke)
  • Brigitte Leduc, Vice-rectorat à la recherche, Université de Sherbrooke. (Vice-President, Research, University of Sherbrooke)