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September 1, 2015: the official launch of the Canadian network for the prevention of elder abuse (CNPEA)’s new website. (September 9, 2015)

Themes: Awareness Website
  • This new user-friendly website aims at:
  • Highlighting useful resources for the population and practitioners affected by mistreatment of older adults across the country;
  • Giving access to quality information in countering mistreatment of older adults (articles, webinars, presentations);
  • Disseminating practices and tools already used by different organizations in Canada through the electronic connector (hub);
  • Promoting and increasing the networking of actors committed to countering mistreatment of older adults across Canada,
  • Etc.

The Chair invites you to visit this new website and become a member of the CNPEA for free and you may benefit from this network. There you may get ideas from other provinces or other regions which can help you in your daily interventions. We also invite you to actively participate in various features of the website as in drafting articles in the blog section or by sharing your knowledge, your practices and your tools for the benefit of the entire Canadian network under the Publications and Resources tab. The website will be more lively and up-to-date!

We congratulate the CNPEA for its beautiful new website and we wish you a pleasant browsing experience!