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Release of the Government action plan on domestic violence 2018-2023 (August 2018)

Themes: Tool

The Research chair wishes to highlight integration of specific measures dedicated to older adults of Québec in the latest Government action plan on domestic violence 2018-2023.

The actions read as follows:

Action 5

– “Develop an information and awareness-raising tool focusing specifically on domestic violence experienced by seniors”

Action 16

– “Provide financial support to enable emergency shelters to adapt their services to the realities of people living in vulnerable circumstances”. For example, for welcoming older women.

Action 20

– “Improve the content in the Guide de référence pour contrer la maltraitance envers les personnes aînées (Reference Guide to Counter Mistreatment of Older Adults) on domestic violence experienced by seniors so as to better equip service providers on this issue”

Action 21

– “Develop an activity to raise awareness among health and social services workers about the realities of seniors living in situations of domestic violence and best practices to put in place”.

Action 25

– “Ensure the continuity and fluidity of at-home support services for users of the health and social services network who avail themselves of women’s shelters for victims of domestic violence”

Furthermore, to continue and complement this Governmental action plan and the measure 52 of the Governmental action Plan to counter mistreatment
of older adults 2017-2022 here is the following wording:

– “document the various collaboration models available to support female seniors who are victims of spousal violence, in order to target best practices and promote their dissemination”.

Consult the Government action plan on domestic violence 2018-2023 for further information