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Publication of a scientific article in the journal ‘Gérontologie et société’, drawn from the master’s thesis of a former student at the Chair (November 2019)

The article entitled ‘Aînés maltraités : leurs besoins et attentes en accompagnement ’ (Mistreated older adults: their needs and expectations in accompaniment) is a value acknowledgment and recognition of Isabelle Maillé’s master’s thesis research.

With the goal of “determining the needs of mistreated older persons in accompaniment”, the authors divide the article into five sections. Each section aims to scope out certain aspects, be they theoretical or applied, in intervening to counter the mistreatment of older persons.

The article also :

  • Contextualizes the movement to counter mistreatment on the provincial and international level
  • Describes the present state of knowledge concerning the needs of older persons attempting to free themselves from a situation of mistreatment
  • Deepens the theoretical framework of Isabelle Maillé’s research
  • Details the methodological approaches mobilized in the collection and analysis of data
  • Presents the results and discusses their scientific and clinical scope

It incorporates the statements of interviewed older persons who need help and support, who need to be heard and to share confidences, who need advice, and judicial council.

These are the elements that support workers, professionals or volunteers, should most particularly pay attention to when encountering a request for help and support from mistreated older adults. In such situations, they can utilize their knowledge and awareness to create an environment of confidence, infused with empathy and transparency.

To view the article, please go to the website of Gerontologie et société.