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Completing the ninth year of its mandate, the Chair submits its Annual Report – 2018-2019 (November 2019)

Themes: Annual Report

In accordance with its mandate, the Chair’s work is organized along four (4) orientations: research, outreach, training, and knowledge transfer. Here is a brief overview of the principal achievements in each orientation in 2018 – 2019.


To lead research on the mistreatment of older adults and two (2) related issues: intimidation and wellness care.

  • 6 on-going constituent projects
  • 11 student projects
  • 14 funded projects, including:
  • 3 new projects
  • 2 on-going projects
  • 7 knowledge transfer projects
  • 1 collaborative project
  • 1 project as an international expert
  • 30 on-going and 4 completed scientific commitments in year 9
  • The Chair is directly or indirectly involved in 19 of the 52 measures contained in the Government action plan to counter the mistreatment of older persons (2017-2022)


To disseminate (orally and in writing) knowledge acquired from Quebec, Canadian and international scientific communities

  • 50 publications, including:
  • 16 scientific articles, 10 book chapters, 1 book, 4 research reports, 11 magazine articles (refereed), 2 master’s theses, and 6 training manuals or invention practice guides.
  • 21 scientific presentations, 3 by invitation


To transmit to students and practitioners, by academic means or training, the knowledge acquired from research projects.

  • Contribution to the training of 7 master’s and 8 doctoral candidates
  • Contribution to the training of 9 student or professional employees
  • 5 training hours given to 270 undergraduate students
  • 35 hours of adult education offered, reaching 825 participants


To transfer acquired knowledge to governments, public policy planners, practitioners, seniors’ associations, and the public at large.

  • 21 conferences held, reaching 996 participants and totalling 10 hours of knowledge transfer
  • On-going dissemination of tools and practice guides developed by the Chair and its partners
  • 48 media appearances
  • Website
  • Continual updating
  • Development of a new visual identity to be launched in Year 10


  • Hosted the minister responsible for Older adults and Caregivers
  • Hosted an official mission from the French government
  • Collaborations with over 200 partners from academia, government and private practice, scientists, and the international scene.
  • Three awards: INPEA, the Integrated University and Health and Social Services Network of the Eastern Townships region, and the Canadian Association on Gerontology.
  • International involvement with the WHO and the United Nations