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Participation of the Chair to the Annual Training Session of the Adult Protective Services of USA

Themes: Conference

The Research Chair on Mistreatment of Older Adults was present during the Annual Training Session of the Adult Protective Services of USA which took place in Buffalo, State of New York, that had the theme : “Stemming the Tide of Adult Abuse. National Perspectives”. On September 21 of 2011, Marie Beaulieu gave a conference entitled “Canadian ways to address Elder Abuse: Highlights from 13 Jurisdictions”.

This presentation was part of a workshop about the international perspectives about mistreatment towards older adults.

Here is a brief description of the workshop:

Mistreatment towards older adults has no cultural or political barrier. Mistreatment of vulnerable older adults was documented in many regions. Marie Beaulieu (Canada) and Kathleen Day (Australia), two specialists on the subject of mistreatment towards older adults, presented in their respective country a profile of mistreatment and the ways considered to resolve this issue. Marie Beaulieu, who is the North-American representative of the International Network for the Prevention of Elder Abuse (INPEA), also addressed mistreatment from a global perspective.

This congress was a great occasion to meet different actors from the Adult Protective Services and to get familiarised with their initiatives and their approach on the subject of training and intervention in context of mistreatment. We also discussed about the issues and the debates surrounding the legal obligation to denounce situations of mistreatment. Furthermore, we realised that the situations of intervention causing the most clinical issues are those related to self neglect. This is different from our practices in Québec where these situations may be seen as indicative of mental health issues.