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Participation of the Chair in the Carpe Diem’s Symposium Quebec-France: Alzheimer et maladies apparentées. Pourquoi et comment accompagner (Alzheimer and Related Disorders. Why and How to Support People).

Three main themes will be discussed on that day: Les enjeux liés au diagnostic (Issues related to diagnosis), L’accompagnement à domicile (Home support), and L’hébergement : un regard différent pour accompagner (Living accommodations: a New Perspective on Support). Experts from France and Quebec, including Marie Beaulieu, were invited to this symposium to bring their own perspectives based on their fields of expertise.

This symposium will address both professionals and practitioners who are working at home and in long-term care facilities as well as volunteers, family members and managers. It will enable everyone to develop competences and explore specific avenues of actions in order to act more effectively with people who are living with Alzheimer disease or related disorders.

See the symposium’s full program for more details (French only).