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On May 30, 2017, Bill 115 was passed by the National Assembly. (July 24, 2017)

Themes: Laws

These occasions presented the opportunity to introduce amendments, in order to, among other things, make the reporting of certain situations of abuse in residential and long-term care facilities compulsory, as well as for persons judged inapt and under guardianship, curatorship or for whom a protection order was approved. In addition, Bill 115 includes five other key measures:

  • The compulsory adoption of an anti-mistreatment policy by institutions of the health and social services network;
  • Improving the role of the Local Services Quality and Complaints Commissioner;
  • The possibility of lifting confidentiality or professional secrecy when there is a serious risk of death or serious injury;
  • The development of a regulatory framework for the use of surveillance mechanisms by a user or his / her representative in the facilities of the health and social services network;
  • The establishment of a concerted intervention process in the area of mistreatment within each of the regions of Québec (Socio-judicial agreement process).

The Minister responsible for Seniors and Anti-Bullying, Francine Charbonneau, is proud that Bill 115 has passed. According to the minister, the amendments to the bill make it possible to ensure a balance between protection and respect for the self-determination of individuals.

Consult Bill 115 for more details.