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On June 18, Marie Beaulieu gives a presentation on the mistreatment of older adults to the Quebec Human Rights Tribunal. (June 2019)

Themes: Training


  1. A summary of the most recent scientific knowledge that includes: the Quebec definition of mistreatment and its’ different types, its’ prevalence both at home and in institutions, the associated risk and vulnerability factors, its’ consequences and the relational dynamics in which it could develop.
  2. A layout of Quebec’s public policies directed to intersectoral actions to counter mistreatment of older adults. At present, a conceptual distinction is made between mistreatment and intimidation of older adults. Also presented was the work done by the Seniors’ Abuse Helpline (la Ligne Aide Abus Aînés (LAAA), and the mandate of the regional coordinators specializing in countering mistreatment of older adults.
  3. Details of current practices to counter mistreatment of older adults, as listed in Quebec’s continuum of services. Particular attention was paid to the obstacles and incentives associated with asking for help (within the dimension of ‘Prevention’). Also highlighted where detection and follow-up of situations of mistreatment. These two dimensions face the challenge of coordination between diverse sectors and participants.
  4. In conclusion, a comparative, global reflection included a summary of work done by the United Nations’ Open-ended Working Group on Ageing. This working group focuses on the global rights of older adults.