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New updated website: several changes to know about!

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1. The bottom of the home page now includes:

— A “quote” section.  The definition of mistreatment will be displayed almost continuously. This section will also be occasionally used to advertise events or important dates (e.g., June 15-Anti-Mistreatment Day).

— Scrolling news on purple background. It will allow you to keep track of the latest updated sections.

— The month of the last update.

2. In most sections of the website, you can now print the page you are on or send it to yourself by email.

3. Since some pages contain a lot of information, a back button at the top of the page is always accessible to the right of your screen next to the scrolling news.

4. Within the pages on which you will browse, you will see the breadcrumb trail under the large purple banner. It will allow you to view where you are in our website, and which path you followed to go there (e.g, you are here: home/news/new updated website: several changes to know about!)

5- Our website is now configured to be easily navigable by computer, cell phone as well as tablet computer.

Finally, the organization of information has remained essentially the same. The tabs “Team” and “Scientific Watch” have however undergone some changes. In the “Team” tab, it is now possible to make the difference between the members of the Chair who actively work in research and those who are now in psychosocial interventions, but who continue to collaborate on casual basis to some work. In the “Scientific Watch”, the Quebec Watch and reading summaries from Quebec authors were combined in a single page now entitled: “Quebec Scientific Articles and Reading Summaries”.

We would like to sincerely thank Andreanne Bigonnesse and the Via l’Agence team known for their rigour, their outstanding quality of work, their dynamism and their patience, as well as their good ideas and their sound advice. It was a pleasure to work with them for this project. We wish every success and a long life to this Sherbrooke-based company and we look forward to working with them for as long as possible.

The members of the Chair wish you a pleasant browsing experience! Do not hesitate to contact us if you are experiencing some difficulties during the visit of our website through the “Contact us” tab.