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New people join the Chair’s team

Themes: Students

The Chair is now composed of a bout 15 people that participates to the progress of its work.

Caroline Pelletier joins the group of the five students (Marie-Ève Bédard, Louise Belzile, Marie Crevier, Annie Riendeau et Arzemina Spahic-Blazevic) whose study projects are directly linked to the work of the Chair.

Caroline is interested in mistreatment committed by relatives in housing environment. It is also worth mentioning that two graduates, former students at the Chair, are still contributing by continuing the distribution of their work: Daphné-Maude Thivierge (legal protection of vulnerable older adults) and Fiona N. Grenon (self neglect). Finally, two students in social work (Roxane Leboeuf et Geneviève Thibault) contributes to the review of the literature.

Three research agent, Johannie Bergeron-Patenaude, Monia D’amours and Joséphine Loock, are committed to the funded projects.

Finally, a technical and informational support team collaborate to the formatting and the dissemination of the Chair’s activities and productions. Julie Brisebois does the linguistic revision, Aline Lavoie does the management of informational data, Pamela Neesham does the English translation of the diverse productions and Nicolas Roy is our webmaster.