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Members of the Research Chair participate in a seminar concerning intergenerational links within the LGBTQ+ community (January 2019)

Led by Camille Allard Lachapelle, student in the Master of Social Services program, the seminar was based on her internship (practical) experience in which she led two, intergenerational discussion groups from the LGBTQ+ community. The participants were most notably recruited with the support of: The Fondation émergence,  GRIS Estrie and  IRIS Estrie.  After presenting the progress of her internship, Camille shared her retrospective analysis of what she learned and the findings drawn from the discussion groups. She underlined that the theme of older adults’ mistreatment was principally approached from the angle of ageism and the fear of growing older in a Long-term Care Facility. The members of the Chair then posed questions to more deeply understand certain elements of her internship and the impact and effects resulting from the discussion groups.

The experience of her internship will inspire Camille in the writing of her master’s thesis. She concluded the seminar by presenting the outline and research plan for her thesis that she hopes will be finished in summer 2019.